Dated: October 31 2017

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 AUTUMN  is a great time of year!  Absolutely my favorite season!  The weather is changing from the sweltering heat of summer to a cooler, crisper temperature.  Many people don't realize this can be the best time of year for purchasing a home. 

Of course, there is the obvious advantage of not having to deal with 100 degree temps when looking at houses.  But also, you now have the kids in school, the sometimes hectic holiday season has not started and the frenzy of travel and excitement that accompanies summer vacation and consequent lack of routine has finished for awhile.  THIS could be the perfect time to look for a new home.  Maybe you need another bedroom, or perhaps a second living area or a larger kitchen would make life so much better!  And an added bonus is that some perfectly beautiful homes were just passed over in the summer, and are now available at a lower price.

IF this fits, CONTACT US today - let's find the home where you'd love to spend the holidays.  It's probably out there right now, waiting for you to walk in the door!

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