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 Fun Fall Activities Checklist for the Entire Family!  

* Go apple picking                                                                * Eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

* Go leaf-peeping                                                                 * Make a pinecone bird feeder

* Get lost in a corn-maze                                                    * Buy something from a bake sale

* Take a hot-air balloon ride                                               * Borrow a book from the library

* Play a game of touch football or volleyball                   * Make rice Krispie treats

* Go for a hike                                                                       * Buy a notebook

* Go for a hayride                                                                 * Jump in a pile of leaves

* Collect colorful fall leaves                                                 * Bake an apple or pumpkin pie

*Rent a cabin in the mountains                                         * Eat a candy apple

* Tailgate at a local football game                                     * Visit a farmers market

* Plant bulbs in your garden for next spring                   * Drink hot spiced cider

* Run a race                                                                           * Roast vegetables for a tasty dish

* Take a drive in the country                                               * Make pumpkin bread

* Make a batch of chili                                                         * Carve your own pumpkin

* Make your kids Halloween costumes                            * Go to a haunted house

* Celebrate Oktoberfest with beer and sausages           * Re-watch scary Halloween movies

* Throw a Halloween Party                                                 *  Give out candy to trick o' treaters

* Host a potluck Thanksgiving dinner                               * Enjoy the cool air

* Tour a winery                                                                     * Dig up sweaters from storage

* Learn to knit                                                                       * Start Christmas shopping

* Build a bon-fire                                                                  * Attend fall festival

* Wear jeans                                                                          * Remember what you are thankful for

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